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October 18 - 20   Click Here
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October 21 - 24  Click Here
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Tommy Medina Rose Mofford Sports Complex Outdoor Racquetball Shoot-Out

Tommy Medina Rose Mofford Sports Complex Outdoor Racquetball Shoot-Out

April 10th

More Outdoor Racquetball!!!

One-day shoot out -Saturday April 10, 2021  Beginning at 8am and 10am

$50.00 per team cash only  Prize money 1st – 2nd and Semis

Points spotted Lowers v Uppers  Lunch  catered

At Rose Mofford Sports Complex

9833 N 25th Ave

Phoenix AZ 85021

Any questions 602-570-1869 Tommy Medina

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2021 3WB Outdoor World Championships

2021 3WB Outdoor World Championships


3WB 2021

The 12th edition of the 3WallBall Championships, Las Vegas, Nevada

Presented by ProKennex  October 20 - 24, 2021 Competition days 21st – 24th.

Great Room Rates for this event, Ladies night party Thursday, Soda Man hosted Players Appreciation Party Saturday, Big Saturday awards night, Military Racquetball Federation Fundraisers, Special Exhibitions, Free Sports Medical team for players.

Trophy's in all amateur divisions, Players Meal at THE STRAT Crafted Buffet.http://www.r2sports.com/tourney.asp?TID=37265

 2021 Outdoor Racquetball Championships

2021 Outdoor Racquetball Championships


Welcome to the 2021 Outdoor Racquetball Championships 

July 8th - 11th

Marina Park, Huntington Beach California.

The 2021 Outdoor Racquetball Championships presented by ProKennex is still scheduled to go off in July and if you haven't played in it or it's been several years then it is suggested that this year you make the  voyage to the west coast and play on the big courts in Huntington Beach,  the event is great and will be great this year as well. Marina Park has the biggest courts in outdoor racquetball so work on your lob, high Z, and get ready to run!  https://www.facebook.com/WorldOutdoorRacquetball/posts/next-saturday-20th-nor-cal-outdoor-is-amped-and-ready-all-nor-cal-ballers-and-an/134298626754497/

WindyCity3WallBrawl 2021

WindyCity3WallBrawl 2021


Make plans to come to Chi Town for WindyCity3WallBrawl presented by SplatHead.

August 13-15,2021

Chicago Only Racquetball Event.

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The History of 3WallBall Championships written by Todd Boss

The History of 3WallBall Championships written by Todd Boss


It takes someone with the nose for digging up the facts, talking with the people involved and harnessing the various tidbits, turning into a compelling story. Todd Boss has done just that and has accurately detailed an important aspect of Racquetball history. Read for yourself.

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