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Dr. Gray's Corner

Dr. Michael Gray D.C. is the Official Doctor of the 3 Wall Ball World Championships. Dr. Gray served as the official doctor for the U.S. Open  Racquetball Tournament and is currently the Official Doctor for the University of Texas at Arlington Men's Basketball team. Dr. Gray's expertise is his ability to quickly treat players athletic injuries and get players back on the court or field ASAP. Sign up for the 3WallBall Mailing List for helpful health tips and articles. 


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All Dr. Gray's Articles

Muscle Recovery

Recovering from strenuous exercise can be an elusive task.  Here are some recommendations that will help our muscles recover from any situation where heavy exercise affects your muscles.

The 5 Worse Exercise Mistakes You Must Stop Making

Shocking as it may seem, not all exercises are good for you. If your goal is to burn off body fat, get overall lean, mean, and get ripped then avoid these mistakes ….

How To Avoid Dehydration & Shock

As a top performing athlete you’ll be faced with many challenges. One of the greatest challenges is dealing with the heat.  I would like to address this challenge in this article which is designed to help you stay healthy and injury free during your World Championship experience. 

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