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"The 3WB event in Las Vegas is the perfect showcase of everything that encompasses Outdoor ball. The ingredients of multiple sports in multiple courts, including racquetball, handball, paddleball, 3 wall, and one wall, is unmatched anywhere else, and Vegas is the perfect venue to blend it all together, right on the Strip"


Rhonda Rajsich,  of Phoenix, Arizona, continued to dominate national and international play among Americans over the last year. She has received 'Female Athlete of the Year' Award 8 times by USA Racquetball. Rajsich won the 2015 U.S. National Singles Championships and earned a bronze medal at last year’s Pan Am Games in Canada. As the runner-up at the 2015 U.S. OPEN, she was the top U.S. finisher.  Along with partner Sheryl Lotts, Rajsich took the Silver Medal at this year’s National Doubles Championships.  After winning the Singles U.S. Team Qualifying division at National Doubles, Rajsich leads all women in qualification points heading into National Singles.​

American professional racquetball player, currently living in Phoenix, Az., turned professional in 2000, becoming part of the USA racquetball national team in 2002 for the Pan American games, since then had been the top representative in this sport, currently rank #2 in the world and top #3 in the world for 16 years, holding #1 in the world for four consecutive years. Named athlete of the year seven times during  as an accomplished professional athlete in racquetball, my passion and love for the sport is without a question my motivation


- 4 times US Open racquetball champion singles

- 2 times US Open racquetball champion doubles

- 2 times world racquetball champion

- 6 medal winner at Pan American games

- 8 medal winner at Pan American championships

- 6 medal winner at world racquetball championship

- 2 times US national racquetball outdoor champion

- 8 times US national racquetball singles champion

- 16 years representing Team USA in at least 20 international competitions

-16 professional seasons ranked top 3 in the world

-All american basketball player at Stephen F. Austin University

-Community committed giving motivational speeches and clinics

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