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Dave & Dave RadioCast: Episode Three

WPH Outdoor Recap and Upcoming Schedule of Events – Is something a podcast if it first aired on UFO radio at 3am? How do you weigh a rambling, bordering on idiotic comedy sports show against an exquisitely edited and produced morning show w/thousands of listeners? We’ll give you our answers to those questions and more, but first a word from our sponsors … just kidding we have no sponsors!

The Dave & Dave’s Cheap-Seats RadioCast take this episode to look back on the Outdoor season, forecast ahead, and pay tribute to last weekend’s Vegas event participants; discussing Timbo Gonzalez, Juan Santos and others; meanwhile, Fink obsesses over Ciana Ni Churraoin’s playing ability, as Vincent reminds the crew that the 4 wall nationals entry deadline is next Tuesday (May 31st) and Xfest Xrossover Challenge has a similar deadline. Both events can be found on by searching handball.



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