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Tisinger and Carson Slam the WOR Championships; Key Wins Twice

Rick “Soda Man” Koll was ranked #1 and red-hot in the men’s 3WallBall Outdoor Cup Series heading into the WOR Championships in Surf City this past weekend [ahead of NY’s Robert Sostre by a comfortable margin], but was gunned down by the eventual bracket champs [Carson/Ustarroz] in the quarters of the pro men’s doubles, along with partner Craig “Clubber” Lane.

Rocky Carson and Jesus Ustarroz took home another title after a 15-12, 11-15, 11-3 win over familiar foes, Daniel De La Rosa and Alvaro Beltran. Carson put another trophy on the shelf with a two game set against Beltran (MEX) in the men’s pro singles; meanwhile, Beltran’s partner Daniel De La Rosa (MEX) along with Arizona’s Michelle Key put on a show in the mixed pro doubles as they too won in straight sets.

With Michelle Key and her #2 WOR ranking opting-out of the women’s pro singles [as she prepares for the IRF Worlds in Colombia July 15th thru 23rd], the door was wide open for another Rhonda Rajsich victory. Rajsich was ranked #1 and #2 in the WOR and 3WallBall Outdoor Cup rankings, respectively, entering the weekend with 2016 standout Janel Tisinger not only dominating the Huntington Beach lower bracket but also controlling the 3WallBall Cup standings; sitting atop the leader-board.

Tisinger eventually took down Rajsich on Sunday with a two game victory and is projected to stay at #1 in the Women’s 3WB Cup Rankings as the series enters the Belle Isle Summer Classic next weekend in Detroit, MI.

Moments after taking a victory lap with her singles win, Tisinger and partner Key, celebrated once again after a three game victory in the women’s pro doubles versus two-seeds Jacqueline Paraiso and Joy Paraiso-Mackenzie 14-15, 15-10, 11-5.

“I’m excited for Vegas,” said Michelle Key, moments after slamming the women’s pro doubles and mixed doubles @ Marina Park. “It’s such a great tournament.”

The 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships in Las Vegas will wrap-up the Cup Series for Racquetball and Handball, September 21st-25th and offers brackets and divisions for every level of play, regardless of ranking. “Outdoor and Vegas bring so much more to the table then just another tournament or another title, to me it’s so much more.” Key adds that you cannot place a price on life changing events like the WOR Championships and Vegas 3WB Outdoor worlds in September, “…anytime I get to hang out with all my friends and make news ones in such a cool environment… You can’t put a value on that.”

We agree Michelle Key!

WOR Championship Brackets from this past weekend:

Belle Isle Summer Classic:

3wallball Website: (Info for Racquetball, Handball & Paddleball)

WOR Website:

All photos by Roby Partovich

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