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3 & Counting. Paddleball Pro Division 3 WallBall World Champs Emmett Coe and Brian Pineda Inten

Emmett Coe from San Diego, CA and Brian Pineda from Fullerton, CA have announced they will be defending their 3 WallBall Pro Paddleball Championship this September in Las Vegas.

This dynamic team claimed their third Pro Paddleball Division title in an exciting match broadcast live on ESPN3, September 26, 2015. As has been the case in each of the last four years, they faced fellow Californians Todd Entrikin from Perris and Dale Valentine from Riverside. Coe and Pineda prevailed in 2012, 2014, and 2015—Entrikin and Valentine in 2013.

Unlike the previous finals, which had finished in tiebreakers, the 2015 match was decided in two games: 15-8, 15-13. ESPN3 announcer Dave Fink, who had never seen paddleball played before, raved about the terrific shots and “gets” on display throughout the match. After the match, Fink emphasized how impressed he was with the quality of play and with paddleball in general.

In the experimental Paddle/Hands Division last year, the Pro Champs squared off against each other in the final. Each team was comprised of a player playing with a paddle and another using his hands. Coe was paired with fellow Californian Kevin Gonzalez and Pineda with New Yorker Bori Love. Coe and Gonzalez, after being down 3-16, remarkably finished on top 21-16 in an extremely exciting single game final.

In the 4 Wall Paddleball season, Emmett teamed with 3 WallBall rival Todd Entrikin, to earn their third consecutive National Open/Pro Division Championship in Lombard, IL this past April, defeating Chad Krager of Bay City, MI and Andrew Price of Chicago, IL. After losing the first game 21-11, the champs easily won the second and third games, 21-7 and 21-9. Emmett was also the runner-up to Chris Crowther of San Diego, CA. in the National Open/Pro Singles Championships in Riverside, CA last March. Crowther was on a tear and posted a 21-13, 21-14 win in the final.

I look forward to seeing Emmett and Brian go for number 4 at the 3 WallBall World Championships in Las Vegas this coming September.

Jim Owens

National Paddleball Association


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