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Day Four: Men’s and Women’s 3-Wall and 1-Wall WallBall Singles and Doubles

Saturday featured the 2016 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships busiest day, as many of the competitors played 6-8 matches in four different divisions. The action was exciting and intense, as each of the game’s top stars desperately played to reach Sunday’s final rounds

Men’s 1-Wall Big Ball Singles

Top-seeded Timbo Gonzalez played like a man on a mission throughout the day, including his 25-2 shellacking of New York rival Kadeem Bush in the 1-Wall Big Ball singles. “Everything I was hitting was just coming off,” Gonzalez would later say. “I’ve been playing every day for the past month and I feel really confident.”

Gio Vasquez faced Tywan Cook in the bottom bracket semifinal and attacked the 2012 world champion with power whips and off-the-court angles. Vasquez never allowed Cook into the match, advancing to the final with a comfortable 25-14 victory. “Gio was really warmed up from his earlier small ball game and he had a lot of power on his whips from using the small ball,” declared Gonzalez.

Final: Gonzalez vs. Vasquez

Women’s 1-Wall Big Ball Singles

Jenny Qu was making her first appearance at the 3WallBall Championships and wasted little time making a name for herself in the Women’s 1-Wall Big Ball singles. Qu overwhelmed current 1-Wall women’s world champion Danielle Daskalakis with a combination of power, up-the-line drives, and consistent offense.

Sandy Ng had little difficulty in defeating living legend Tracy Davis, advancing to the final for the second consecutive year.

Final: Qu vs. Ng

Men’s 1-Wall Big Ball Doubles

Top-seeded Tywan Cook and Carlin Rosa faced Carlos Pena and Hector Velez in the upper bracket semifinal. The teams traded the lead eight times en route to a 19-all tie, with the foursome combining for some of the most spectacular handball of the event. Rosa took over in the late stages of the match, scoring three straight points on kills and closing out the match on a six-point streak. “I’m just so happy to make the final and to be playing with my good friend Carlos,” stated Velez on ESPN.

Timbo Gonzalez partnered with Philadelphia’s Sam Sanford and faced current “King of the Court” Rookie Wright and Enrique “Lefty Henry” Santiago. The nearly 40-year combined age gap was evident from the start, as the early twenty-something team of Gonzalez and Sanford outplayed, overwhelmed, and demolished 1-Wall Big Ball’s best team of yesteryear in a 12-minute, 25-1 annihilation.

Final: Pena/Velez vs. Gonzalez/Sanford

Women’s 1-Wall Ball Doubles

Top seeded Team Daskalakis/Ng had little difficulty advancing to the final, outscoring their quarterfinal and semifinal opponents by a combined 50-23. Second-seeded Melissa Sky and Tamiko Pearson cruised to the final in the bottom bracket, outscoring their quarterfinal and semifinal opponents by a combined 50-25.

Final: Team Daskalakis/Ng vs. Team Sky/Pearson

Robert Lee challenged top-seeded Pee Wee Castro in the upper bracket semifinal, with the two New Yorkers trading the lead throughout the one game match to 21. Lee appeared to be in control late in the match, leading 18-15. Castro pulled within one at 17-18 when Lee challenged a call on the left sideline that appeared to be out. The call went in Castro’s favor, as did the momentum. Castro scored the final six points of the match to advance to the final

The bottom bracket semifinal pitted Gio Vasquez against David Fink. Vasquez led 9-4 before surrendering 13 consecutive points to the lefty. With Fink leading 17-9, he (predictability) could not hold the lead, allowing “The Torch” back into the match. With the score tied at 19, Vasquez hit two drive serves to the right that Fink was unable to return.

Final: Castro vs. Vasquez

Men’s 3-Wall Big Ball Singles

2010 3WallBall 3-Wall Big Ball singles champion Boxer Rosales has been a one-man wrecking crew as he has advanced through the largest singles draw of the tournament. Rosales has not dropped a game through four matches en route to the semifinals, including a two-game victory against X-Fest 3-Wall Big Ball singles champion Alfredo Morales. Rosales is joined in the 3-Wall Big Ball semifinals by WPH Outdoor #1 Juan Santos, Chava Cordova, and Edgar Vizcaino.

Junior WPH ClinicJR WPH was proud to present an exciting junior handball clinic for more 16 youngsters competing in the 2016 3WallBall Outdoor Championships. WPH Coaches David Fink, Herman Mendez, and Lowveens Jacques led the juniors through serve and kill shot instruction, followed by alternating doubles points with the pros and an around-the-world rally game. The coaches stressed the importance of having fun, setting goals to improve, and the fundamentals of the game.

Stay tuned to for updates throughout the week! To follow the draws and results from the 2016 WPH 3WallBall Outdoor World Handball Championships Click Here!