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Day Three: Small Ball 3WallBall Singles and Doubles + 1-Wall and 3-Wall Big Ball Action

3-Wall Small Ball Singles Final: Ruiz vs. Fink

2011 3-Wall Small Ball Singles champion Shorty Ruiz met first-time finalist David Fink in the Friday evening ESPN3 final. Fink had defeated Ruiz in their previous two 3-Wall Small Ball encounters at the 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships and would need a third consecutive victory to win his first Yellow Jersey. Ruiz started quickly in game one, building a 6-2 lead in game one with a dominating return of serve and fly kills. Ruiz kept Fink off balance for the remainder of the game, sealing a one-game lead, 15-5. Fink adjusted the Ruiz’s power return in game two, building an 8-4 lead and ultimately serving for the game at 14-8. Fink squandered three setups and six serves to win the game, while Ruiz seized the momentum to serve at match point, 15-14. Fink ended Ruiz’s seven-point run to serve for the game for the seventh time at 16-15, but was still unable to close out the game. Ruiz scored the final three points of the game to become the first two-time Small Ball 3WallBall singles champion.

Ruiz def Fink 15-5, 18-16

3-Wall Small Ball Doubles Final: Montijo/Torres vs. Morales/Fink

Morales and Fink teamed up for the first time at the 3WallBall Championships and clicked like a seasoned pair in game one of the final, controlling the rallies and the front court to take a one-game lead. Torres and Montijo applied more pressure in game two, adding zip to their overhand drives and making sensational retrieves to dominate the game and force a decider. Torres and Montijo continued to dominate in game three, building a 10-2 lead in the third game to 15. Team Torres/Montijo stood just two points from the title at 13-5 when Team Morales/Fink charged. With Morales playing perfect two-wall pinch out-the-door shots and Fink converting setups, Team Morales/Fink stood just one point from forcing overtime at 13-14. Team Torres/Montijo called a timeout, earned a quick side out, and when Fink shot from 30-feet, Montijo was there for the match-ending re kill.

Final: Team Torres/Montijo def Team Morales/Fink

3-Wall and 1-Wall Big Ball Singles

The top Big Ball WallBall stars advanced in the 1-Wall and 3-Wall Big Ball singles, setting up an exciting weekend of action on the Las Vegas Strip.

Saturday will feature the Men’s and Women’s 1-Wall and 3-Wall Big Ball 3WallBall singles and doubles, with WallBall’s top stars aiming for their spots in Sunday’s finals.

Stay tuned to for updates throughout the week!

Watch LIVE on ESPN3 & beginning at 12pm Pacific time as the WPH turns to the 1 wall portion of the event and will feature semifinal action from 12p-4pm; meanwhile, the 3 wall big ball brackets continue with a live stream at also at 12pm.


12:00pm – Upper Bracket Semis – 1 Wall Big Ball Pro Doubles (Carlin Rosa/Tywan Cook or Ralph Romano/Izzy Rivera vs Hector Velez/Carlos Pena vs Pee Wee Castro/Gio Vasquez)

12:45am – Lower Bracket Semis – 1 Wall Big Ball Pro Doubles (Enrique Santiago/Rookie Wright or Joshua Milian/Kadeem Bush vs Andres Calle/Chris Show or Timothy Gonzalez/Samuel Sanford

1:30pm – Lower Bracket Semis – 1 Wall Small Ball Pro Singles – Robert Lee vs Pee Wee Castro

2:15pm – Upper Bracket Semis – 1 Wall Small Ball Pro Singles – Nick Roman vs Gio Vasquez

3:00pm – Upper Bracket Semis – 1 Wall Big Ball Pro Singles – Timothy Gonzalez vs Kadeem Bush

To follow the results and draws from all three sports go to:

Results from Paddleball, HERE>

Results from Handball, HERE>

Results from Racquetball, HERE>

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