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Finals at the WOR 3WallBall World Outdoor Championships

Finals at the WOR 3WallBall World Outdoor Championships

Sunday marked the completion of the seventh edition of the 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships, with players vying to make history on the 3WallBall championship stage.

Mens Pro Doubles

* What an exciting and passionate match! Robert Sostre and Bobby Horn took on the talented Daniel De La Rosa and Alvaro Beltran. Both close games, but the first one was won by team Horn 15-13 and the second was 15-10 team Horn. Horn and Sostre were very happy about their win, especially because it was against such strong opponents.

Mens Pro Singles

* Rocky Carson and Alvaro Beltran. First game went 15-8 Beltran and second game was a close 15-14 Carson. In the end Carson came out on top by winning the tiebreaker. Clearly, this was a close match with a lot of skill and experience from both Carson and Beltran. Carson had this to say about his win, “Felt good to win that one, he was playing really good ball to start the match and I actually thought he was playing good ball to finish. I executed about as good as I could in the last game, so that allowed me to kind of hang in there.”

Womens Pro Singles

* Janel Tisinger and Michelle Key. Another great close match with endless talent. First game went to Tisinger 15-14 and then the second game 15-11. Tisinger beat Key and had this to say, “I’m feeling really good. I worked really hard for this and I’ve been dealing with some health problems, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to be here today, but I showed up so I’m very happy I did. And I feel really good, the title got taken from me last year and my goal was to come back and take it and I did it.”

Womens Pro Doubles

* Michelle Key with Paola Longoria against Janel Tisinger and Aimee Ruiz. Very friendly match with all of these ladies spending so much time training with and against each other. Team Ruiz won the first game 15-8 then team Longoria came back to win the second game 15-6. The tiebreaker went to team Ruiz 11-10. Very close finish and a lot of excitement.

Pro Mixed Doubles

* Daniel De La Rosa with Michelle Key vs Mike Orr and Regina Franco. Game 1 was team De La Rosa 15-7 and then again game two 15-10. Both couple and partners Key and De La Rosa were happy to take home the win. * To follow the draws and results from the 2016 WOR 3WallBall Outdoor World Racquetball Championships

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* World Outdoor Racquetball

* Based in Portland, OR, World Outdoor Racquetball is the governing body and organizer of outdoor play. Formed in 2004, WOR is actively expanding and further developing the sport of racquetball played at outdoor facilities throughout the world plus developing new venues for the sport through relationships with clubs, parks, schools, and events, including those that will use portable and temporary courts for major events, promotions and championships. For more information on WOR, please visit

Lindsey Dovali - WOR Staff Writer

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