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Michelle & Daniel de la Rosa Make the PRO Cup a Family Affair at 3WB #10

The 3WallBall Hemborg/Bella Vista Cup Series concluded at the 10th Anniversary Edition of the 3WallBall World Championships in Las Vegas. Every previous Cup has been decided at the final tournament of the Series and this year followed the same pattern.

On Sunday morning on the final day of the tournament, Daniel de la Rosa teamed with Alvaro Beltran to defeat Robert Sostre and his partner Chris McDonald for the Men PRO Doubles crown thus stopping perennial winner Sostre from winning another Cup. Next came Michelle de la Rosa and Rhonda Rajsich bringing their battle for the Women PRO Cup to center court. Michelle and partner Carla Munoz prevailed by defeating Rhonda and her partner Michelle Herbert in the Women PRO Doubles final, thus clinching the Cup for Michelle de la Rosa. The grand finale of the tournament saw Daniel de la Rosa face off against Rick “Soda Man” Koll for the Men PRO Cup in the Mixed PRO Doubles division. Daniel teamed with wife Michelle and “Soda Man” was partnered with Rhonda Rajsich, playing her third final of the day. Daniel held up his end and Michelle wasn’t the only one in the family to take home a PRO Cup this year.

On the Amateur side, Jack McDonald entered the tournament leading the Men Amateur Cup contestants. His fine performance (winning the Men Open Doubles and making the finals in the Mixed Open Doubles) secured the Men Amateur Cup for him. The “come from behind” story of the tournament belongs to Danielle Jones who wasn’t even in the top ten at the start of the tournament. Her fine performances in Singles, Doubles & Mixed garnered enough points to squeeze in front of Susie Boulanger, Victoria Rodriguez & Martha McDonald who finished in second, third and fourth places, respectively. Thanks to Peggine Tellez and her staff for running the event. Special thanks to Hemborg Ford and Bella Vista Windows & Doors for their sponsorship of the 2019 Cup Series. The final top 10 in each category is listed below. For a full listing of all Cup Series rankings, go to Watch this site for announcements about the 2020 Cup Series.

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