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Date / Hotel Code Changes

We are moving the dates for 3WallBall World Outdoor Championships to October 14th – 18th for several reasons, foremost of which is the potential for an improved regulatory environment and safety, as well as other benefits that come into play.

We have weighted the consequences of the inconvenience of having to change plans (however airlines are still honoring the no fee to change flights due to C-19) but in this instance choosing between moving the event out 5 more weeks verses a straight out cancellation, moving to October was the clear winning choice.

Our primary concern is to host a safe and fun event for all our players, spectators and fans and this change in date seems to make sense for all the right reasons. Please note the significant reduction in room rates that accompanies this date change.

We thank you for your support and patience and look forward to seeing you in October.

We are accepting entries, but are NOT accepting any fees until after September 15th. Racquetball Entry:

Paddleball Entry:

Handball Entry:

Be sure to book your rooms at The STRAT right across the street from the courts.

Block closes Sept 28th unless we sell out. We are already at 85% capacity!!!!! Call 1-800 998 6937 - 7AM -10 PM or go online Codes Group: World 3 Wall Ball Championships 2020 and/or Code C-3BW20…

Updated Rates Sunday-Thursday $25 Fri $80 & Sat & $90 each night plus taxes and $19.99 Resort fee (normally $39) The STRAT is providing a number of discounts and always Free Parking and Free Valet.

BOOK ASAP- We have fewer rooms for our blocks this year at these rates so don't miss out! - you can always cancel 72 hours before with no cost.

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