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Dean DeAngelo Baer3WallBall Outdoor World Championships

My reflection from 3wallBall I was happy to be back in the broadcast booth, Las Vegas, Outdoor racquetball was shining just like the sun. The days were hot, and the nights were long. 380 people converged to the sin city, thanks to MC Vegas. What his team pulled off this year was not easy. My hat goes off to his entire team. As I reflect on my first 3WallBall event as a broadcaster I must say. It was amazing. So many IRT players participated, some go every year and some for the very first time. We were streaming court 2 and the matches were phenomenal. Its pretty amazing how they can build courts in a parking lot and create this amazing event. After setting up our equipment both Pablo Fajre and I were so excited. Our first match was also Kane Waselenchuk first match competing outdoors. The big question everyone had was Can he compete outdoors. I think that question can be put to bed. He can and he did. The covid-19 restrictions were in place and players were distancing, wearing masks, and having their temperature checked but they were there and that is the most important thing. The IRT, the LPRT, WOR, and USA Racquetball were brought together by this event and it was spectacular. Doubles is the main attraction in Vegas and trust me the participants brought their A game. There were racquetball legends in the stands and on the court. Bruhmfield, Hogan, Kane, Sostre, DLR, Beltran, Coe, Korr, Barcelo, Davis, Carson, Monchik, Landa, Parilla, Mercado for the men, and Longoria, Rajsich, Parilla, DeLarosa (Key), Munoz, Tisinger-Ledkins, Riveros, Parilla, and Neils for the women. The draws were competitive, and the matches were tough. Saturday night after all the pro matches, I sat down with Timothy Baghurst from the LPRT and we spoke about racquetball, both men and women. It was nice that the tours were able to collaborate. At the end, the winners were DLR and Beltran for the men and Longoria and Tisinger-ledkins for the women, and the DeLarosa Family took the mix doubles. Sunday night at the hotel, players were celebrating racquetball, amateurs, pros, and staff together. Racquetball is family. As everyone dispersed back to their hometown one thing weighed on my mind. When will we all be together again? I feel blessed to be involved.

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