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Rod Southwood experiences 3WB Vegas

Las Vegas recently turned into a Racquetball Wonderland at the 2020 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships. After an absence of almost seven months, players, coaches, legends, and viewers were treated to an incredible event hosted by Mike Coulter and his Team. We must mention Rick (Soda Man) Koll and Peggine Tellez and thank them all for their vision and devotion for being the horsepower behind the scenes. What people don't realize is this tournament almost didn't happen. Days before the event was supposed to go live, the permits weren't going to be issued. Work stopped immediately. Due to Mike's steel gritted determination and network of people who used their influence, The 3 Wall Ball Championship was back on for its 11th Year! With no time to spare, supporters worked tirelessly to complete the tournament site for the first matches on Thursday. Faces appeared from everywhere. Smiles, hugs, fist bumps, and masks were to be the norm for this day. The love of the sport was on full display as competitors were eager to face off against each other. The LPRT and The IRT were both represented at this event, with Players, Broadcasting Teams, and Management taking in this event's grandness. To see everyone come together for the benefit of the sport reminded us to support all racquetball efforts, both indoor and outdoor. Players from both tours merged effortlessly with the outdoor crowd, and epic battles were waged. There were no losers at this event. A trophy didn't define your success here; participation, a desire to compete, and racquetball support renewed our love of this sport. Please take a moment to Thank Mike Coulter and his team. This was a fantastic event and should be on your list of events to attend in 2021. The IRT is looking forward to returning as well, with IRT President Mike Grisz declaring, "This was a significant event for the sport."

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