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Rhonda Rajsich

6x National Singles Champion - 6x Female Athlete of the Year - 4x US Open Champion - 3x World #1 Pro Player - 2x World Singles Champion

"The 3WB event in Las Vegas is the perfect showcase of everything that encompasses Outdoor ball. The ingredients of multiple sports in multiple courts, including racquetball, handball, paddleball, 3 wall, and one wall, is unmatched anywhere else, and Vegas is the perfect venue to blend it all together, right on the Strip"


Rhonda Rajsich,  of Phoenix, Arizona, continued to dominate national and international play among Americans over the last year. She has received 'Female Athlete of the Year' Award 8 times by USA Racquetball. Rajsich won the 2015 U.S. National Singles Championships and earned a bronze medal at last year’s Pan Am Games in Canada. As the runner-up at the 2015 U.S. OPEN, she was the top U.S. finisher.  Along with partner Sheryl Lotts, Rajsich took the Silver Medal at this year’s National Doubles Championships.  After winning the Singles U.S. Team Qualifying division at National Doubles, Rajsich leads all women in qualification points heading into National Singles.​



Janel Tisinger

"3WallBall has been incredibly supportive and provides a lot of events that are run extremely well. They are always coming up with new ideas as well as being open to others ideas for the growth of outdoor. I have no doubt that 3WB will take outdoor further than it's ever been in the history of the sport."


Rick "Soda Man" Koll

"Helping put on the 3WallBall event and the shootouts here in Las Vegas is my thank you to the sport. We all need to dig deep and not just expect this great sport of ours to continue for our enjoyment. Sometimes a little effort or money can go a long way to preserve the fun we have and keep the friendships and the stories growing!​"

Michelle De La Rosa

Meet Michelle De La Rosa (Key)

Michelle De La Rosa (Key)

• August 18, 1988 on Williams Airforce Base, Arizona

• family: I love my family and it just continues to grow! I am the daughter of Karen and Darold Key.. they met playing racquetball and I continued that tradition when I met my husband (Daniel De La Rosa). I also have a sister who I team up and play doubles with from time to time. Daniel and I have an awesome, fun-loving daughter named Raelynn.

• education: Graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelors in interdisciplinary studies my disciplines were exercise & wellness and family studied & child development.

• profession: After college I taught preschool for a number of years before giving it up for love and racquetball. With the support from loved ones I started playing in the protour. When Daniel and I got married and had Raelynn I took a break from the tour. Now I’m a stay at home mom and help run Key Sports and Arizona Outdoor Racquetball.

• how & when you started racquetball: I was born into racquetball. My mom was playing while she was pregnant with me and I haven’t really stopped since haha.

• other sports: I have played many sports throughout my life but currently I enjoy playing pickleball with my family and have a try passion for sand volleyball.

• career highlights: I think my all time career highlight was being able to play for team USA at the PanAm Games. As far as titles, there are a lot in my family and we don’t value them as much as the friends and experiences we’ve made along the way.

• what you like about outdoor racquetball: I LOVE OUTDOOR RACQUETBALL!!! Nothing compares to the fun and exciting environment outdoor offers. It takes racquetball to the next level.

• ideas to grow the sport: I think our sport needs more love for our juniors. Plus it’s always super important to support your local events.

• additional thoughts: 3WB is the best event for outdoor racquetball and nothing beats a weekend in Vegas playing some ball. Thank you so much to the staff and everyone who makes that event better year after year!!

2014/3: 3WB World Champs, Mixed Pro Doubles Champion

2014/2: 3WB World Champs, Women's Pro Doubles Champion

2014/1: World Outdoor Champs, Women’s Pro Doubles Champion

2013: World Outdoor Champs, Women’s Pro Doubles Champion

2013/2: US Team Member

2013/3: Women’s Team Qualifying Doubles – Runner Up

2011: Intercollegiate Nationals - #1 Singles - Champion

2010: Intercollegiate Nationals - #1 Singles - Finalist

Daniel De La Rosa

Meet Daniel De La Rosa

• born when & where: July 4, 1993 in San Luis Potosí, Mexico

• family: All of my family plays racquetball. My parents both play and my dad is an open player. My mom also played volleyball and a B level racquetball player. My younger sister plays as well but her true passion is Zumba. I have an all racquetball family with my grandfather and all my uncles playing racquetball.

• education: Graduated high school and took some college classes before starting my professional racquetball career

• profession: professional racquetball player and a golf sales rep

• how & when you started racquetball: I started playing racquetball with my parents when I was 4 years old. My dad took me to the courts to play with him.

• other sports: golf, pickle ball, squash, soccer.. basically I love sports.

• career highlights: 3WB champion 2 years in a row, three gold medals in the central American games, U.S. Open doubles champion

• what you like about outdoor racquetball: I love everything about outdoor racquetball. It is so much fun and totally different from indoor. There is just something special about the atmosphere playing outdoor.

• ideas to grow the sport: junior programs

• additional thoughts: can’t wait to play the 10 year anniversary of 3WB, My favorite outdoor event

Vic Leibofsky - Hall of Fame 2018

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Born when & where:         Brooklyn New York, November 1958

Family:                                 Married Patty Weaver right here at the Stratosphere, at the very first 3wallball

Education:                           University of Florida

Profession:                          I manage Emerging Markets and Commercial relationships for Suntrust Bank

How & when you started racquetball: My first racquetball game was in August 1976 against Hall of Famers Martha and Greg McDonald.

Other sports:                       Started playing paddleball in 1971 at the Historic Courts on Garfield Street. 

Career highlights:                My career highlights are mostly off the court as an event director and promoter of the game as well as the acting National Director of World Outdoor Racquetball from 2007 through 2011.  Over my career I have been event director the “Big Three” events:  Wor Championships in Huntington Beach CA, 3wallball Championships in Vegas, and The Beach Bash on Hollywood Beach.  In 2008 was the inaugural winner of Greg Sheffield award: Presented annually to the player who exhibits honor, integrity and true love for growing the game.

What you like about outdoor racquetball:  Outdoor racquetball is social!  Nearly all venues for weekend games play “challenge court” doubles, which creates a very social atmosphere.  Plus, with outdoor racquetball, often experience can win over physical attributes.  Older players and less physically gifted players can often win with shot selection, teamwork and experience.

 Ideas to grow the sport: Continue to offer divisions for all skill levels and ages.  Find ways to attract more indoor players to try Outdoor.  Make racquetball gear and instruction accessible to young players at all parks and venues.

Sean Love

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Born when & where:  May 2, 1972 Torrance, Ca

Family: Married with 3 children

Education: Some College

Profession: Self Employed and Pro Kennex Racquetball Representative for Southern, CA

How & when you started racquetball:  I was introduced to racquetball when my mom used the local racquet club as a place to keep me busy while she went to work. I was 12 years old.

Other sports:  Tennis, golf, baseball

What you like about outdoor racquetball:  It’s a different vibe than you have playing indoor racquetball. Being outside in the sun and listening to music while interacting with fellow players is like hanging out at a BBQ.

Ideas to grow the sport:   I wish I had an answer. We need clubs in SO Cal that allow juniors access to the courts. Places like Nor Cal and Oregon have great junior programs. High School clubs and offering RB as equivalent to physical education will give us a new base to grow.

Tom Moore

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born when & where:  Cincinnati Ohio 1954


family: wife and 3 children , boy 30 and 2 girls 23 and 16


education: Xavier university


profession: development executive


how & when you started racquetball: I had played handball and was curious.  Started in  1973


other sports:  off road racing,  moto cross,  go kart racing


career highlights:  lots tourney wins and finishes over the years but more than anything just made a lot of wonderful friends


what you like about outdoor racquetball: just being outside and the strategy of the Abkhazia and out the door


ideas to grow the sport:  find some money


Bret Harnett

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Craig "Clubber" Lane

6x WOR Nationals CPRT Doubles Champion - 3x WOR Nationals CPRT Doubles Champion - 1x US Open Outdoor Doubles & Singles Champion - 4x 3WB CPRT Doubles Champion

Craig “Clubber” Lane has had a spectacular racquetball career with numerous, major championship titles spanning over three decades and a career which includes many major pro singles and doubles championships. He also sports the most clever and unique nickname in outdoor racquetball history. During his outstanding career, “Clubber” has won 18 major outdoor pro championships while adding several bookends, indoor national amateur championship age titles. Craig Lane is not only famous for being an athletic and a fiercely talented competitor, but for his power which is of epic, legendary proportion. In fact, many believe that he is one of the hardest hitting players ever to play outdoor racquetball and long ago, he was anointed with the nickname “Clubber Lane.” Yet, despite his power on the court, Craig Lane is known for his gentle disposition and sportsmanship both on and off the court. Read More About Craig Here.

Daryle Uhrich, Rick Sandello, Victor Salinas, Jesus Usterroz,

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